• A Creative!
  • A Self-Taught Baker & Tasty Food Creator!
  • A Local and Global Traveler!
  • A  Lover of Beauty & Style!
  • A Curator of Content!
  • A Digital Design & Social Media Maven!

The point is I’m a creative being and I consider myself well versed in a number of things.

I’m an Oby of all trades! I’m a creator of things of splendor and a maker of tasty goodness. I like to be on the go, traveling as much as possible, and I love beautiful and stylish things! I mean, who doesn’t?

This is my second go round at blogging and this time I want to be true to myself. By being unafraid and being free with how I share all the things that are of interest to me. 

Real life is not one dimensional and neither am I.

I no longer want to stifle or minimize my creativity, my life’s perspective, and my reality. But rather, I’m letting out the various sides of me to run wild and free!

I hope you’ll join me through it all!